The T-shirt YUCK FOU SWANK was CREATED in 2018 FROM The inspiration of Luca pagni, a garment designed as a manifesto against the system, dedicated to the stylistic irreverence and who always goes, in “an obstinate direction and contrary to the masses”
T-shirts in this case, are not only thought of as clothing, but they become real means of expression of OUR identity, understood as uniqueness and singularity, with an open criticism of the forced ostentation.
Always a supporter of imperfection as a catalyst of originality, Luca entrusts to a cross and comfortable garment like the T-shirt a clear and decisive message: “fucks everything that is glitz patinated”.
A reinterpretation of the term “fuck” attenuates the expressive tone while retaining a strong communicative impact, a subtle and witty play of words intended for strong and decisive identities.
With every purchase of a sunglasses from the Luca pagni eyewear collection the T-shirt is MY GIFT.

T-shirt in flamed cotton. Available in white or black colors
Sizes S and L. Comfortable fit | Crewneck and cuffed sleeves

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The ``YUCK FOU SWANK`` T-shirt
FREE with the purchase of eyewear from the Luca Pagni's eyewear collection.

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